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The graffiti workshop is always a private activity. Individuals can not join another group. You probably wouldn't enjoy helping to create someone else's name or painting a stranger's dog either. The satisfaction of each client and the quality of each mural is essential for us.

Create your own mural on a legal graffiti wall!

Dive into the world of street art in a private workshop in Prague. Get to grips with the techniques and create your mural. Great as a birthday present, a school activity, or a team building.

You will meet the famous graffiti artist Sany. She created a collection for Reebok and taught graffiti to celebrities like Adriana Grande and Gigi Hadid. Her graffiti film Girl Power is possible to see on Netflix or iTunes. With her, you will learn about the history of graffiti phenomenon from the early 60s until now, as well as the unique street culture in the Czech Republic. Together, you'll discuss your creative ideas and create your large-scale graffiti piece on a legal Prague graffiti wall. The graffiti workshop takes you through every stage of producing graffiti art. From thinking and roughly sketching your ideas onto a paper. You will learn tricks and techniques of ‘can control’ so that you can quickly get to grips with the medium. These techniques include from the very basics of drawing a line, a circle, or a square, to more complex tricks such as fillings, fades, shines, drop shadows, and key lines. Our graffiti workshop is for beginners as well as those with some experience, available also as a group activity / school trips / team-building activities. In case of a large group, the group will be divided into smaller ones and each group will have its graffiti tutor. This way the graffiti workshop stays very personal and unique.

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  • Get familiar with various graffiti art forms and techniques
  • Create your very own stunning colorful graffiti piece
  • Paint on a famous Prague’s legal graffiti wall
  • Connect and gain insights from a skilled local graffiti artist.
  • Discover the history of graffiti alongside its local specifics.

What's included in the price?

Wide selection of professional graffiti spray cans (Montana or Loop)
Pre-painting of the wall - black undrpaint (background)
 2 to 2,5 hours of expert guidance from a professional graffiti artist
 Various professional spray paint caps (Fat cap, skinny cap, outline cap…)
Protective jackets, gloves and masks, sketchbook and pens


Fantastic Personal Graffiti Workshop!

Porax - Haifa, Israel

My boyfriend and I did a private graffiti workshop with Peter. He was super nice, knowledgeable, accommodating and made sure we had an awesome time. It was a one of a kind experience for both complete and total newcomers to the artform like myself, and veterans like my boyfriend. We would totally recommend this to couples or friends looking for an afternoon activity. We would be remiss if we didn't mention how hard the team worked to set up an afternoon for us to do this with our limited availability and their overbooked schedule.

Awesome graffiti workshop!
Awesome graffiti workshop!

Kris, US

Had a great time with graffiti artist Sany at Europe's longest legal graffiti wall. Made our own graffiti piece, but also learned about Prague-life outside of Prague 1.