Graffiti Workshop - Prague

Create your own graffiti art!

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City centre


We recommend combining this experience with our popular Alternative Prague Walking Tour.

Calling all Graffiti and Street Art Enthusiasts!

Are you captivated by the mesmerizing allure of graffiti and street art? Are you eager to delve deeper into this dynamic world and become an active participant? Look no further – our workshop is tailor-made for individuals like you, who crave to learn, engage, and unleash their creative potential.

Join us on an extraordinary journey where you'll discover the fascinating intricacies of graffiti and street art. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture that surrounds these art forms, as you gain invaluable insights and knowledge from experienced practitioners.

Whether you're an admirer looking to expand your understanding or an aspiring artist yearning to leave your mark, our workshop is designed to satisfy your burning curiosity and fuel your passion. Get ready to explore the techniques, styles, and stories behind some of the most renowned graffiti and street art masterpieces.

Don't miss this opportunity to step into the realm of urban expression. Sign up for our workshop today and join a community of like-minded individuals who share your love for graffiti and street art. Unleash your creativity, broaden your horizons, and immerse yourself in an art form that pushes boundaries and sparks conversations. Let's make your artistic dreams a reality!

Together, we'll dive into the realm of your imagination, unleashing a torrent of innovative ideas. With the expert guidance of a seasoned local graffiti artist, you'll witness your vision come to life on a grand scale, painting your very own masterpiece on a legal wall.

This workshop is your gateway to mastering the entire process of creating graffiti art. From brainstorming and sketching your concepts on paper, we'll equip you with the secrets of "can control" that will catapult your skills to the next level. You'll learn everything from the fundamental strokes—lines, circles, and squares to mind-blowing techniques like creative fillings, fades, radiant shines, drop shadows, and razor-sharp key-lines.

No matter if you're a beginner seeking artistic liberation or an experienced graffiti enthusiast yearning for fresh inspiration, this workshop welcomes you with open arms. It's also an amazing opportunity for groups, schools, or teams to bond and ignite their collective creativity.

Get ready to wield the power of paints and transform the urban landscape with your bold strokes. We can't wait to meet you and your team!

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  • Graffiti art forms and techniques
  • Create your very own stunning colorful graffiti piece
  • Paint on a famous Prague’s legal graffiti wall
  • Meet with local graffiti artist
  • Graffiti history and local specifics

What's included in the price?

15 professional graffiti spray cans per group
 Pre-painting of the wall black (background)
3 hours of guidance by professional graffiti artist
Various professional spray paint caps (Fat cap, skinny cap, outline cap…)
Protective jackets, gloves and masks, sketchbook and pens


Fantastic Personal Graffiti Workshop!

Porax - Haifa, Israel

My boyfriend and I did a private graffiti workshop with Peter. He was super nice, knowledgeable, accommodating and made sure we had an awesome time. It was a one of a kind experience for both complete and total newcomers to the artform like myself, and veterans like my boyfriend. We would totally recommend this to couples or friends looking for an afternoon activity. We would be remiss if we didn't mention how hard the team worked to set up an afternoon for us to do this with our limited availability and their overbooked schedule.

Awesome graffiti workshop!
Awesome graffiti workshop!

Kris, US

Had a great time with graffiti artist Sany at Europe's longest legal graffiti wall. Made our own graffiti piece, but also learned about Prague-life outside of Prague 1.