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Prague's Graffiti Workshop - Constructive, Engaging and Educational

Learn about the history of the graffiti scene in Prague and Eastern Europe and get to produce your very own large scale graffiti piece outdoors with help and instruction from professional local graffiti artist.

The workshop takes you through every stage of producing a graffiti piece, from thinking up and roughly sketching your ideas onto a paper, to learning the techniques used by graffiti artists and spraying your design onto a legal graffiti wall in Prague.

You will learn tricks and techniques of ‘can control’, so that yo can quickly get to grips with the medium. These techniques include everything from the very basics of drawing a line, a circle or a square, to more complex tricks such as fill-ins, fades, shines, drop shadows and key-lines. These techniques are then used in creating your very own wall mural masterpiece.

Under the supervision and guidance of our artist, you’ll be amazed at what a complete beginner can create in a short space of time.

The workshop is for beginners as well as those with some experience, available also as a group / team-building workshop.


  • Talks and demonstrations by local Prague artists and instruction on how to make your own street art & graffiti piece
  • History & origins of this underground global phenomena - The boom of graffiti (How graffiti developed in Eastern Europe)
  • Typical types and styles for different cities around Europe
  • Unwritten rules & codes of conduct in graffiti scene
  • Explanation of the kinds and types of spray nozzles. In what cases and for which surfaces are used and why.
  • Mural art by Point, Pasta, Tron, Phoe & X-dog
  • Discussion with Sany. Any possible topic. (Illegal graffiti and criminal penalties in individual countries, gender and graffiti, political graffiti, the future of graffiti, graffiti in galleries etc.)

Included in the Price

  • All materials (professional graffiti spray cans, large selection of spray nozzles, gloves, masks, underpaint…)
  • Two and a half hours with a famous local graffiti artist Sany .
  • Introduction to the history of graffiti in the world and in Eastern Europe (Prague)

Good to know

Please dress appropriately for painting!