Graffiti and Mural art on demand
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We have mastered the spray, template, and airbrush techniques and are able to implement both interior and exterior works. The motif or dimension does not make a difference. We are professional artists who have been working in this field for more than 15 years, and for whom paintwork and graffiti are a passion. We have organized several graffiti and street art festivals in Prague (Girl Power Forever 2012, Martha Cooper Files 2013, and Past Present Future 2014).

Thanks to our contacts and connections with the global graffiti community, we are practically able to create commissioned works anywhere. After consultation, we will recommend the best solution at the given location, and the artists will prepare a concept according to the client’s proposal. After approval of the conceptual proposal, we provide advice concerning the selection of paints and deliver them to the implementation site. We will supervise the job and consult with the client throughout the paintwork.

We can also organise graffiti exhibitions and workshops for private purposes, schools, and festivals.