When we symbolically moved John Lennon’s wall to Národní Třída for the 25th Anniversary of Velvet Revolution, we didn’t even know that student art group Pražská služba (Prague’s service) made a happening at the real one. They covered the whole wall which became a symbol of freedom and opposition to communist regime with white color and left it blank with a stencil sign in the middle: WALL IS OVER!

Alternative Prague’s Lennon Wall at Národní Třída

In the morning the Czech news were filled with articles and discussions about this. Right after the owner of the wall filed a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator. From the revolution in 1989 it’s legall to paint here, but this was too much for him. He sad that this is “inside out graffiti” and that this is a criminal act 🙂
The art group contacted him and explain him everything with this statement:

“Wall at Velkopřerov Square was used as an illegal space for reflection on anti-regime protest since the 70s. There were messages, poems and paintings expretossing disagreement with the totalitarian system, which were changing permanently as the goverment was buffing it all the time, but it never stayed blank long. After the assassination of John Lennon, it had become an unofficial memorial monument that pays tribute to the memory of his pacifist and idealistic thinking. Twenty-five years ago one big totalitarian wall fell. Project „Wall is over!“ refers especially to those revolutionary events. Art school students are trying to express memories for November 17 (date of Velvet Revolution) and adds that it’s not an end, but a new beginning for the wall so it could have a new set of messages from the new generation…

Now the wall is white again – free / 17.11. 2014

Happy Christmas from Prague service.“

It seems the owner of the wall got the idea later and he’s no longer going to sue them. I think that it’s kind of symbolic and it’s a nice performance for the 25th Anniversary. The wall became a major tourist attraction and most of the tourists don’t even know why it is there, this might bring a new fresh air to this place. What is your opinion on this action? Leave us a comment below…

John Lennon Wall before the action

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