The 16th traditional annual demonstration, march and culturally uplightening event for the legalization of cannabis will take place on Saturday, May 4th 2013, as part of the worldwide campaign Million (also Global) Marijuana March. The demonstration will start at 12.30 PM by assembly at Karlovo náměstí in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event is organized by the civic association and strives to express the citizens disapproval of the current anti-marijuana policy in our country. Furthermore, it aims to highlight key problems and imperfections of effective laws including the recently passed bill regarding medical marijuana. It also wishes to voice its solidarity with the victims of cannabis prohibition in this country and abroad. By way of this happening, thousands of citizens from the entire Czech Republic will join the hundreds of thousands of people and several hundred cities spanning five continents together in protest against the nonsensical and harmful worldwide prohibition of cannabis.

The main demand of this demonstration is to legalize the growing and possession of cannabis and cannabis products for personal use, both for medical and recreational purposes.

The demonstration will start on Saturday, May 4th at 12.30 PM on Karlovo náměstí. The peaceful, but very visible procession accompanied by music will set out from here through the city to Parukářka park, where two music stages and a varied program will await.

You can also look forward to a cultural medley provided by the legendary Czech bands with wide range of musical styles from punk to bass music. Apart from the musical entertainment, a cannabis open-air market and a non-profit sector await you, and for families with children, there will also be a program provided for the youngest protesters.

This cultural event is taking place in Parukářka park under the patronage of PhDr. Matěj Stropnický, deputy major of Prague 3. You can follow the live music from your homes at For more info about the event visit


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