David Černý – Czech artist with a reputation of provocateur strikes again. Sculptor David Černý is a controversial figure who dominates today’s alternative Czech art scene. This time he placed outsized purple hand with a raised middle finger on the Prague’s Vlatava river near the Charles Bridge.

David Černý - Middle Finger
David Černý – Middle Finger

A ten metre high purple middle finger appeared on the river in front of the Prague Castle this morning, symbolically four days before the Czech early general election. The obscene gesture definitely seems to be addressed to the Prague Castle, which is the seat of newly elected Czech president Miloš Zeman.

Cerny himself declined to say too much about the piece, telling reporters the gesture spoke for itself. At the end he send a short text message to our newspapers with a text:

„It is just a normal F*cking middle finger for those motherf*** Communists at the Castle“

You can take this sculpture also as an invitation for the upcoming Černy’s exhibition which will be presented from 24 October to 6 December at Dvorak Sec Contemporary Gallery in Dlouhá Street in the Prague’s Old Town. Part of the artists solo exhibition called „Über ego“ will be a total of 22 remarkable art objects that were created last year and this year.

You can be sure that we will be the first who will visit this one and we will place the pictures from the gallery here on this blog. Stay tuned…

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