Top 10 Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Prague

Even though Czech cuisine is mainly based on meat. The new trend of more healthy food alternatives is slowly becoming more popular in the streets of Prague.
We selected top 10 Prague’s vegetarian, vegan and vitarian restaurants for you, so you don’t have to make your own research any more…

1. Plevel Restaurant

 Plevel Restaurant – source:
First one was opened in one of the most hipster streets in Prague – Krymská couple of years ago. It has it all – nice interior, hip location and friendly and welcoming staff. The concept got so popular that there is a new one, more centrally located on Jindřišská street. If you are looking for a tasty vegetarian meal, then look no further. The meal offering changes with the seasons, so it’s always fresh. The thing I like about it is that the food looks and tastes like it is made with meat but it’s not at the end 🙂 Try the Portobello burger or vegetarian svíčková, you won’t regret…

Contact info and map:
Krymská 2, Prague 10


2. Lehká Hlava

Leká Hlava – Clear Head Source: Official facebook page

This is probably the most famous Prague’s vegan/vegetarian restaurant. When you walk in you will see why. Inside you can find 3 main rooms, each has it’s own unique design and style. My favourite one is on the picture above and it’s called significantly “Heaven”. Even though it’s slightly more expensive the meals are worth the price. There is always a great selection of delicious meals, home made fresh drinks and tasty deserts. This place is located right in the city centre and it’s really popular so reservation in advance is highly recommended.

Like Plevel, Lehká Hlava is really popular, so they opened a new, slightly bigger sister restaurant not far away from the original one in Týnská street. It’s called Maitrea. This is really a chilled out peaceful place. The interior is again something very special. Inside you will find two fountains, fireplace and a retreat with the Buddha – Maitrea (in the translation of “loving kindness”). They called the restaurant and the whole House of personal development, in which it is located after him. It’s definitely worth a visit, if only to check out the interior design. In addition to the permanent menu, which offers dishes inspired by many different cultures from around the world they also have a special daily offer – menu for 115 CZK, which includes a soup with main dish and water.

Contact info and map:
Lehká Hlava – Boršov 2, Prague 1

Maintrea – Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1


3. Vegan’s Prague

Dine like a king – Vegan’s Prague

This is another well established vegan place in Prague. It’s located in Nerudova street right underneath the Prague Castle. When you sit on their terrace underneath the Prague Castle complex you feel like a king. Vegan’s Prague offers various cuisines from around the world. Every day during the lunch time you can find there also a special lunch menu, which is very popular in Bohemia. They put emphasis on the ethical aspect of food, quality of ingredients and handmade preparation. In a short time you can look forward to new menu, which will be 100% free of soybeans.

Contact info and map:
Nerudova 36, Prague 1


4. Secret of Raw

 Secret of Raw Restaurant Prague – Source official facebook page

Secret of Raw is trying to spread knowledge of raw food and raw lifestyle. The restaurant offers a wide range of great seasonal dishes, lunch menus or options to purchase raw materials for raw food. The menu is really colorful, you can choose between various exotic specialties, but also Bohemian classics, like dill sauce or traditional Czech Svíčková. Inside you will find also a special raw sweetshop with various raw cakes and deserts. If you want to know and experience more, you can enroll for a raw cooking class course in here.


Contact info and map:
Seifertova 13, Prague 3


5. Moment café and bistro

 Moment Cafe & Bistro Prague – Source: Official facebook page

Another place that I would highly recommend. Moment is a café and a bistro serving wonderful desserts, wraps and sandwiches. Lunch menu is full of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. To acomplish the meal they offer selection of beers from small breweries, local cider or special lemonade. Every time there is something new, not only in the menu – exhibitions, acoustic concerts, punk-rock sessions etc. This is really a community thing. Worth visiting.


Contact info and map:
Slezská 63, Prague 3


6. RawCha

If you fancy raw food, this is another place in Prague that you have to visit. It’s central located, just around the corner from the Powder Tower (meeting point for the Alternative Tour). Lunch menu is literally a “world tour”, because every day it’s inspired by a different country or region and its cuisine. On regular menu you will find classics such as raw sushi and quiche. The restaurant also offers a great selection of tea.

Contact info and map:
Na Poříčí 8, Prague 1


7. Veggie Point – CLOSED 🙁

This place in Smíchov district is a healthy alternative to classic fast foods. Veggie Point offers burgers, wraps, sandwiches, lunch menu and special evening menu. Everything is hand made from premium ingredients. The local specialty is stuffed cupcake and vegan tiramisu.

Contact info and map:


8. My Raw Cafe

 My Raw Cafe Prague – Source: Official Facebook Page
This is a fairly new addition to Prague’s vegan world, but it’s already well recognized and respected. You can find it in the new foodie passage in Dlouhá street. MyRaw Café is not just a café with great raw desserts, which are prepared according to original owners recipes. It also offers a varied menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is a feast not only for vitarian gourmets, but also for the eyes of every guest. Preparation of all raw food products takes place directly in front of you in the form of so-called Show cooking.

Contact info and map:
Dlouhá 39, Prague 1


9. Puro

Puro Prague – Source: Official website

Puro is beautifully designed concept bistro and shop in the center of Vinohrady district. Customers have the opportunity to taste selected products from the store in the freshly prepared meals and in case that you want to prepare it at home you can directly purchase the ingredients and prepare your own one at home. Daily they serve raw and cooked meals, sandwiches, desserts, smoothies, ice cream and much more.

Contact info and map:
Vinohradská 44, Prague 2


10. Estrella

Last but not least our beloved Estrella. This nice and cosy place you can find in Prague’s downtown. They offer various dishes prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients, inspired by Czech specialties and international cuisine. The place is quite small, so I would recommend to book a table in advance. Also keep on mind that they don’t accept credit cards, so cash only 😉


Contact info and map:
Opatovická 17, Prague 1


(11.) Loving Hut

 Even though I’m not a biggest fan of this concept, I decided to include it to my list as it’s really popular in Prague. Loving hut is something like McDonalds for vegetarians. You can find it in 8 different places around Prague. My favorite one is located right in Wenceslas Square. Loving Hut is known primarily for its lunch buffet offering. Mainly they offer Asian specialties almost indistinguishable from the original meat version, but also other world cuisine and desserts.

Contact info and map:
Václavské Náměstí 48, Prague 1


I hope that this list will help you out with finding a nice place to eat something little bit healthier. If you feel that I forgot something or if you have something to share according to this post. Please feel free to write it in the comment section down below.