Michal Škapa aka TRON – New art exhibition in Prague’s Trafo Gallery

On Friday there was an opening of long awaited new exhibition of one of the most popular Czech street artist TRON. Michal Škapa belongs amongst one of the graffiti pioneers who started with graffiti in Prague in the mid 90’s. From that time he went a long way and these days you can see his art not only in the streets, but also in prestigious galleries around Prague.

This exhibition proves that he never stay on a spot and again pushing the boundaries and leaving the “competition” far behind. This exhibit is called significantly ANALFABET as here he’s mainly playing with his own unique type font, that he developed over the years and for those who are not familiar with it it’s kind of hard to read, so it’s something like graffiti cryptography. You can see this type font all over the place in many different forms – engraved 3D installations, canvas paintings, paper paint, on house video projection etc. What we like the most are the canvases painted with airbrush where Tron’s unique font is inscribed as a code into concentric circles that can evoke an old data processing media in combination with the specially designed glass neon light tubes it’s just incredible. If you would focus on the script carefully, you can find out that in the paintings there are inscribed for example quotes from his favourite music bands like Nine Inch Nails or Depeche Mode. Cherry on a cake can be the circular canvas in the back of the gallery, when someone gets closer to the painting it starts to rotate so no one can actually read it…

If you are in Prague this month, this exhibition is definitely a must see. Join us for the Alternative Tour or go and check it yourself.

Trafo gallery is opened always from Wednesday to Sunday – 3 PM to 7 PM – Address: Hall no. 14 – Holešovická tržnice, Bubenské nábř. 306/13, Prague 7 – Holešovice

Accompanying program of the exhibition:

Guided tour with Michael Škapa and Radek Wohlmuth on Thursday, March 30 – from 17 pm.

Typography workshop with the author on Thursday, April 6 between 19 to 21 hours.

Drunken Photo Report:

Girl Power Movie – Finally on DVD!

It’s finally here! First documentary about female graffiti all around the world filmed by our friend and member of our Alternative Prague team Sany was recently issued! You can purchase it online from the movie online e-shop or directly from us in person during the Alternative Prague Tour for a special discounted price.

The Girl Power movie is a documentary that presents female graffiti writers from fifteen cities – from Prague to Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Biel, Madrid, Berlin, Toulouse, Barcelona and all the way to New York. The graffiti community is predominantly a man’s world, and men often share the view that graffiti – namely the illegal kind – is not for girls. And yet women have become increasingly more emancipated in recent years; there are female graffiti shows, magazines and websites. Girl Power captures the stories of ladies who have succeeded in the male graffiti world.

Festival of Lights in Prague – Signal 2016

From the 13th until the 16th of October the Signal Festival of Lights is taking place in Prague transforming some of Prague’s most iconic historical and modern buildings with the magic of illumination and projections. The festival has come a long way over the 4 years of it’s existence including more and more buildings and bringing more international visual artists to town. You’ll be able to experience videomapping projections, interactive art and light installations all over the city and the best thing is that it’s free 🙂 If you are planning to visit Prague any time soon, this weekend might be the best option.

This year the capital city of Prague and the Ministry of Culture have included Signal festival among the ranks of the top priority cultural events taking place in Prague and the Czech Republic. Don’t miss a chance to see one of the best modern art and new technology inventions in the streets of our magical city. We simply can not wait to see installations from artists like Jakub Nepraš, David Vrbík, Jan Hladil, The Macula, Can Buyukberber & Yagmur Uyanik, Daniel Rosa, Yasuhiro Chida and many, many more…

Here you can find more info:

Prague’s John Lennon wall – „Wall is over!“ – Mystery unveiled

When we symbolically moved John Lennon’s wall to Národní Třída for the 25th Anniversary of Velvet Revolution, we didn’t even know that student art group Pražská služba (Prague’s service) made a happening at the real one. They covered the whole wall which became a symbol of freedom and opposition to communist regime with white color and left it blank with a stencil sign in the middle: WALL IS OVER!

Alternative Prague’s Lennon Wall at Národní Třída

In the morning the Czech news were filled with articles and discussions about this. Right after the owner of the wall filed a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator. From the revolution in 1989 it’s legall to paint here, but this was too much for him. He sad that this is “inside out graffiti” and that this is a criminal act 🙂
The art group contacted him and explain him everything with this statement:

“Wall at Velkopřerov Square was used as an illegal space for reflection on anti-regime protest since the 70s. There were messages, poems and paintings expretossing disagreement with the totalitarian system, which were changing permanently as the goverment was buffing it all the time, but it never stayed blank long. After the assassination of John Lennon, it had become an unofficial memorial monument that pays tribute to the memory of his pacifist and idealistic thinking. Twenty-five years ago one big totalitarian wall fell. Project „Wall is over!“ refers especially to those revolutionary events. Art school students are trying to express memories for November 17 (date of Velvet Revolution) and adds that it’s not an end, but a new beginning for the wall so it could have a new set of messages from the new generation…

Now the wall is white again – free / 17.11. 2014

Happy Christmas from Prague service.“

It seems the owner of the wall got the idea later and he’s no longer going to sue them. I think that it’s kind of symbolic and it’s a nice performance for the 25th Anniversary. The wall became a major tourist attraction and most of the tourists don’t even know why it is there, this might bring a new fresh air to this place. What is your opinion on this action? Leave us a comment below…

John Lennon Wall before the action

Past Present Future – Prague’s Graffiti and street art festival

Prague Alternative tours prepared for you a unique Street art and graffiti event, which will take place on various places around Prague from 6th of June till June 26th 2014. The main exhibition will be held at the Trafačka alternative art space and gallery.


Here you can read a couple of words about the evnt from the curator and our tour guide/co-founder of the Prague Alternative Tours project Sandra:

The phenomenon of graffiti came to the Czech Republic 25 years ago after the fall of the Berlin wall, accompanying our freedom. In honor of this anniversary, the festival Past Present Future will present graffiti legends that began practicing the art of graffiti before 1989, and are still active today. We will present these artists through exhibits, mural art pieces around the city, and the premiere of the documentary, Style Wars 2. The accompanying programme will offer the opportunity to participate in graffiti workshops, the Fashion Fever clothing bazaar, and an alternative tour of Prague accompanied by a street art artist.

T-Kid (USA), Mick La Rock (NL), RosyOne (CH), Jake (NL), Political sprayers (DE), ZebOne (CZ) and more
Curator: Sany


Program of the event:

6. 6. 2014, Opening of the exhibition Past Present Future, T-Kid (*1961, New York City)
Trafo Galerie,Kurta Konráda 1, Praha 9

19:30 – 20:30 The festival will kick off with a lecture on the origins of graffiti in New York and its transformations through the past 40 years. The lecture will be led by legendary graffiti writer T-Kid.

21:00 – 04:00 A presentation of the one-of-a-kind exhibit, Past Present Future, mapping the creations of T-Kid from the 1970s until today. Visitors will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the golden era of New York graffiti. The verinssage of the exhibit will also include an autograph session by T-Kid in the gallery. The Stage at the Trafo gallery will offer a classic selection of Hip Hop conducted by DJs Rime and Robot.

20:30 – 04:00 During the evening we will present the exhibit Shadows of Black in the Trafačka walkway with art by Prague graffitist ZebOne. Each canvas will represent a specific letter that was selected at random. The art will emphasise simplicity, straight lines, and the perpendicular.

21:00 – 04:00 The main stage in the performance hall will feature a performance by DJ Conrad Kaden and Sneaker from the Uncanny Valley (DE) label. Later, DJ Layup and R. Kosmos from the Endless Illusion label as well. An Electro/House/Disco.

22:30 – 23:45 Graffiti Sketch Battle for valuable prizes.

Visitors can enjoy pleasant seating, a bar, and a refreshment stand.
Admission: 30 CZK (1 EUR).

7. 6. 2014 Painting of murals at Trafačka and in Husická 55 street,guided tour of the exhibition Past Present Future and graffiti workshop
Trafo Galerie,Kurta Konráda 1, Praha 9 a Husická 55, Praha 3

12:00 – 20:00 Creation of New York City mural at Trafačka (T-Kid, Mickey, Jake, Yudoe, Phoe, Ding).

Visitors can enjoy pleasant seating, refreshments and music.

12:00 – 20:00 Creation of a mural at Husitská Street no. 55 by graffiti writer RosyOne.

15:00 – 17:30 A graffiti workshop at Trafačka with graffiti writer from Mick La Rock.

Anyone can join in on the workshop, but reservations are necessary (; participation is limited. The workshop is free.
UPDATE: Sorry for the inconvenience, but the capacity is full!

17:30 -18:30 A guided tour of the exhibition Past Present Future with

8. 6. 2014 Painting of mural at Radlická – kulturní sportovna.
Za Ženskými domovy 125/5, Praha 5

12:00 – 20:00 Mick La Rock and Jake will create a new face of Radlická – kulturní sportovna. Just a year ago, this culture centre was full of drug addicts and trash, but today is a venue offering a myriad of uses of this former railway warehouse. In addition to the new mural, Radlická – kulturní sportovna will also host a large clothing bazaar. DJ Rime will provide the music throughout the day. The Radlická mural will most likely be completed some time on Tuesday, 10/6.

12:00 – 20:00 Completion of the mural on Hustiská Street 55, by RosyOne.

12:00 – 20:00 Completion of the mural on the main wall at Trafačka.

13:00 – 15:30 Graffiti and a street art tour. Discover Prague graffiti, street art, and the most remarkable alternative venues. Meet at Palackého Náměstí at 1:00 p.m. Look for a tour guide with a black umbrella with the title „Prague Alternative Tour.“ The tour is free.

13. 6. 2014 Verinssage of exhibition Die Mauer, A discussion with political sprayers from Germany, Premiere of the documentary Style Wars 2
Gallery Puppenklinik, Trafačka, Kurta Konráda 1, Praha 9

14:00 – 15:30Workshop for kids with German street artist Alletshy. Together with the children, she will create street art stencils that she will then spray onto the Trafačka garden wall. A presentation of the Die Mauer exhibit at the Puppenklinik gallery.

17:00 – 04:00 A presentation of the Die Mauer exhibit at the Puppenklinik gallery. The exhibit contains 16 photographs of the Berlin wall with political graffiti that was created in West Berlin prior to 1989.

18:30 – 19:15 A debate with Petr Hájek about the sale of street art on the art market.

19:15 – 19:30A performance titled „Real-Time-Interaction.“ Graffiti artists will teach graffiti to non-graffiti artists from Neuss over Skype.

19:30 – 20:30 A discussion with political sprayers from Germany that actively decorated the western side of the Berlin wall in the 1980s.

21:00 – 22:10 Premiere of the documentary Style Wars 2, a follow-up to the cult graffiti documentary Style Wars, filmed by Henry Chalfant 30 years ago in New York. Following the premiere, a debate with the authors Amos and Veli.

Djs: Dj Nox, Ich Bin a R. Kosmos.

Selected graffiti and street artists:



Very few artists can narrate the same life story as T-Kid. The Nasty Terrible T-Kid is one of the first graffiti writers in the world, and has been inspiring graffitists for over three decades. He grew up in the New York Bronx, the birthplace of graffiti, which was overrun by gangs in the 1970s and 80s. In 1974, he began to sign the name King 13, and his alter ego could be seen everywhere. However, this attracted the attention of the local gang, The Bronx Enchanters, and he was faced with a choice: either become a member of the gang, or become the recipient of regular beatings. The answer was clear. Later, he added subway cars to his graffiti media, and his style and number of works earned him the title of the king of graffiti. T-Kid’s operations in the underground finally ended in a shootout that left him gravely wounded. During his subsequent long stay in the hospital, not one single gang member came to see how he was doing, and so King 13 made a resolute decision: he would leave the gang for good and dedicate himself to graffiti. And so this was the origin of the final version of his name, forever etched into the history of graffiti: T-Kid.

Mick La Rock

She’s the longest-lasting graffiti writer in Europe. She began spraying in the mid-1980s, when the phenomenon of graffiti was brought from the U.S. to Western Europe via England and Holland. In addition to graffiti, Mickey is involved in design, working with youth, and tattoo.

Political sprayers from Germany

A group of 5 Germans from East Germany, who, during the former regime wrote anti-regime messages and participated in countless commissioned artistic performances. In the mid-1980s, they were able to escape to West Berlin. Their most successful event, titled Zara—a protest at eye level—took place in 1986. Wearing plaster masks, they painted a 6 km white line over the Berlin wall. All five were arrested for this stunt, and imprisoned for several months. The group wanted to draw attention to the fact that the western side of the Berlin wall was becoming more of an exhibition gallery for pop-art artists, and the colourful pictures, together with the tourists, had begun to erase the tragic significance of the wall that had for decades been dividing families and the nation into two states.

You can join the event on Facebook here:


Prague’s graffiti jam of the year

Prague will host the biggest graffiti jam of the year on 17th of May 2014 at the longest legal graffiti zone in central Europe. Yes, the jam will take place at Orionka / Belárie graff wall and you will have a chance to meet the best of the best graffiti writers from Prague. This event is organized by two strong elements of the local graff scene. The most popular Czech graffiti and cultural website which celebrates 12 years in the game and the biggest graffiti shop Graffneck which is celebrating ninth year in support of this exciting art discipline. On top of that, this is the 10th year of the existence of this legal zone. If you are in Prague and you are reading this blog, this is simply a must!

The Jam starts at 12 AM and it will be accompanied with music by the Czech legendary djs: DJ Goldstar, Jaykob and Inside Kru DJs Aesop & Bica.

Refreshments are provided with the help of experienced guys from mobile vege fast food Waipawa.
In addition to the classic menu, beer-limo-alcoholic coctails they also offer vegeburgers and falafel.
For those who are not that alternative and fancy more some classics there will be special sausages which consist of 95% meat.
You will also have a chance to taste delicious 11° beer Wlnozubec from special Bulovka micro-brewery.

How to get there:
By car: Mezi vodami street / GPS: 50.008884,14.402862
By train: every half an hour from Praha hl.n. to Praha-Modřany station
By ferry: Ferry P6 every 20 minutes from Lahovičky to Nádraží Modřany:
By bus: bus no. 139, 165, 173, 341 to Modřanská škola station –
By tram: tram no. 3 and 17 to Modřanská škola station –

more info:


POP UP gallery in Prague’s Dancing House

We would like to invite you for two interesting art exhibitions in a very spacial building. There is a new pop up gallery in Prague’s architectural gem called The Dancing House (Czech: Tančící dům). This building was build in Prague in 1996 and it’s located at Rašín’s Riverbank (Rašínovo Nábřeží). Its site was the location of a house destroyed by the U.S. bombing of Prague in 1945 (U.S. wanted to bomb Dresden in Germany, but they bombed Prague by a mistake). The building was designed by architectural genius Vlado Milunić in co-operation with the renowned Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry in deconstructivist architectural style. The very non-traditional design was controversial at the time of post communist late 90’s, because the house stands out among the Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings for which Prague is famous and in the opinion of some it does not accord well with these architectural styles. Then the Czech former president and leader of the Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel, who lived for decades next to the site, had avidly supported this project, hoping that the building would become a center of cultural activity. At the end the building was used mainly as the office building and nothing really cultural was happening there until now.

This month they opened a POP UP gallery by Art Salon S inside and you will have a chance to check two different exhibitions for the period of two months there: Dereck Hard (yes the guy, who did the photographs for our leaflets) prepared large solo exhibition of three photographic series in the style of pop-art photography called „Show“. There are three main art series, which viewers can see on the first floor of the building. In particular it is a series of staged images created by using toys called „Little reality“. Then there is minimalist, still-life art representing various urban types called „Urban Still Lifes“, all of which are presented in the form of industrial forms lightboxes. The last major series of Dereck’s self-portraits is called „One Man Many Styles“, here he posed in six different partner couples – fans of different music genres, from rap to metal. In all the pictures he has two roles, dressed always like a girl and boy. There is also a bonus series „Drugs!“ on the staircase between the ground floor and first floor.

Dereck Hard Show
Dereck Hard Show

Another art exhibition is called WHO CARES prepared by EPOS 257 (yes, the guy who made the Graffomat) Epos took the second floor of the Dancing House to showcase his large works created from used billboards. These materials are treated differently. Some cutouts are just framed and then subjected to underline the particular context, as in the case of the two presidential candidates exhibiting side by side with a window in the middle, where is directly visible the Prague Castle.

Portrét from Epos 257 on Vimeo.

Other pieces are covered with paint splashes fired from the weapon resembling a large paintball gun. „There’s a gesture of attack against consumer unified world, that is only based on power production. As a result, my work is actually framed theft, because for some people today, the steal is actually the biggest art“ says Epos 257, the artist who tampers with the law, but also an artist who is represented in the Czech National Gallery.

Epos 257

Last but not least. On the Ground Floor you will find pop up store PAGE FIVE – young bookstore and publisher specializing in sale and publishing of art books, periodicals, and original prints. You can find there also a pop up store by HARDDECORE, where you will discover a mix of high design pieces and original creations as jewellery, fashion, accessories and interior design pieces created by independent Czech designers.

Opening hours: DAILY from 11am till 7pm till 30.3.2014 Tickets: Adult: 90kč/Students: 45kč Children under 6 years: free

UPDATE: So the exhibition unfortunately ended, but the artist Epos 207 sold the two main portraits (cutouts from the billboards) of the presidential candidates for amazing 2 million crowns to unknown contemporary, modern art collector. Congratulations and keep up the good work man!

EPOS 257 with his framed portraits of the two main presidential candidates
EPOS 257 with his framed portraits of the two main presidential candidates


Yesterday there was the opening of the new, much waited David Černý’s solo exhibition entitled Über ego in Dvorak Sec Contemporary Gallery. Artist known as legend provocateur, who through his works, once again, attracts sarcastic intervention in social relations and public spaces. In addition to the exhibition, a six meter high sculpture installation „In Utero“ will be displayed in an open-air public space next to the gallery (in the park on the crossing of Dlouhá Street and V Kolkovně).

David Černý presents his most recent work which he created in 2012 and 2013. You will have a chance to discover 22 art objects in total, including 9 celebrity portrait reliefs and 4 other reliefs created by an original mixed media technique of embedding small objects into resin, furthermore 4-dimensional objects embedded into transparent cube forms and 5 sculptural realizations of which two are kinetic.

David Černý
Czech artist David Černý (born 1967) laureate of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award (2000) is mainly famous for his monumental realizations in public space, such as Pink tank, St. Wenceslas (upside down horse) in Lucerna, Babies on Žižkov TV Tower, Entropa in Brussels or London Booster that showed at the Olympics in London (you will have a chance to see a small replica of this one in the gallery with the crawling baby in a „new outfit“).

David Černý is one of the most famous Czech contemporary artist and this exhibition is definitely worth to visit. Let us know what you think about it…

Where: Dlouhá 5, Prague 1 –
When: 24. 10. 2013 – 6. 12. 2013
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10.00am – 18.00pm

David Černý pointed his Middle finger statue to Czech presidential seat

David Černý – Czech artist with a reputation of provocateur strikes again. Sculptor David Černý is a controversial figure who dominates today’s alternative Czech art scene. This time he placed outsized purple hand with a raised middle finger on the Prague’s Vlatava river near the Charles Bridge.

David Černý - Middle Finger
David Černý – Middle Finger

A ten metre high purple middle finger appeared on the river in front of the Prague Castle this morning, symbolically four days before the Czech early general election. The obscene gesture definitely seems to be addressed to the Prague Castle, which is the seat of newly elected Czech president Miloš Zeman.

Cerny himself declined to say too much about the piece, telling reporters the gesture spoke for itself. At the end he send a short text message to our newspapers with a text:

„It is just a normal F*cking middle finger for those motherf*** Communists at the Castle“

You can take this sculpture also as an invitation for the upcoming Černy’s exhibition which will be presented from 24 October to 6 December at Dvorak Sec Contemporary Gallery in Dlouhá Street in the Prague’s Old Town. Part of the artists solo exhibition called „Über ego“ will be a total of 22 remarkable art objects that were created last year and this year.

You can be sure that we will be the first who will visit this one and we will place the pictures from the gallery here on this blog. Stay tuned…

Banksy sells original paintings worth $30.000 for $60 each in Central Park

Our beloved British street artist Banksy is known for being elusive, but he surprised even his most ardent fans by secretly selling his authentic 100% genuine signed canvases in New York’s Central Park for just $60 each on Saturday.

Last night Banksy released a video of an elderly man selling what look like knockoffs of the artist’s work from a market stall on Sunday. These „knockoffs“ were actually original pieces painted and signed by the artist who is currently exhibiting in the city.

In the two and a half minute video, Banksy shows that just eight of his paintings being sold – four to one man from Chicago, two to a mum (who shrewdly negotiates buying two small canvases for the price of one) for her children and two to a young woman tourist from New Zealand.

I’m quite sure I would have walked right by these real works assuming they were knockoffs :). Makes you think about what makes the art ART and who defines that exactly. It reminds me of the „Pearls Before Breakfast“ event where Joshua Bell (American Grammy Award-winning violinist) played incognito in the subway and most of the people just walked by. I wonder if the buyers will ever know what they have bought exactly…

Banksys ART SALE:

Joshua Bell playing incognito in the subway station: