If you are wondering what to do tomorrow in Prague after the Alternative tour. This event might be the right thing to take in your consideration:

On Saturday 12th October on the facade of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague will take place unique multimedia art video mapping show called „Bethlehem Odyssey“. During the performance you will have a chance to watch historical images which will blend with computer animations and effects. The show will unfold the historical story of John Hus – Czech famous priest who was burnt at the stake on 6th of July 1415 as a heretic. John Hus was the key predecessor of the whole protestant movement in Europe and therefore he’s one of the most famous Czechs and one of the most beloved persons in our history. You can find his monument in the middle of the Old Town Square in Prague.

The show was prepared for you by Zdeňka Čechová who is the director and choreographer of this audiovisual art projection. The projection will be accompanied with amazing music by composer Miroslav Vobořil. Zdeňka will try to revive the old frescoes on the facade of the Bethlehem chapel which is undoubtedly historically linked with this chapter of the Czech history. You will see John Hus first as a preacher and rector of Charles University and afterwards as a heretic and martyr. Another part of the story is the portrait of the resistance of the Czech people under the leadership of Jan Zizka and the subsequent Hussite movement. She also tries to emphasize the worldwide significant dates of foundation of Charles University and Czech Technical University in Prague (first university in Central Europe). All will be presented with hi-tech computer effects and animations.

This will be actually just a sneak preview, gala premiere is planned for 2015 to mark the 600th anniversary of the death of John Hus. But it will be also a great warmup for the Signal festival which will take place in Prague next week and where we prepared a special walking tour and workshop for you…

When: The performance will take place on Saturday, 12th October from 20:30 and from 21:00 to 21:30.

Where: Bethlehem Chapel

Admission is free.

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