Our beloved British street artist Banksy is known for being elusive, but he surprised even his most ardent fans by secretly selling his authentic 100% genuine signed canvases in New York’s Central Park for just $60 each on Saturday.

Last night Banksy released a video of an elderly man selling what look like knockoffs of the artist’s work from a market stall on Sunday. These „knockoffs“ were actually original pieces painted and signed by the artist who is currently exhibiting in the city.

In the two and a half minute video, Banksy shows that just eight of his paintings being sold – four to one man from Chicago, two to a mum (who shrewdly negotiates buying two small canvases for the price of one) for her children and two to a young woman tourist from New Zealand.

I’m quite sure I would have walked right by these real works assuming they were knockoffs :). Makes you think about what makes the art ART and who defines that exactly. It reminds me of the „Pearls Before Breakfast“ event where Joshua Bell (American Grammy Award-winning violinist) played incognito in the subway and most of the people just walked by. I wonder if the buyers will ever know what they have bought exactly…

Banksys ART SALE:

Joshua Bell playing incognito in the subway station:

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